Premium Folding Powered Mobility

Unlock your freedom to explore

Regain independence with a new generation of foldable, powered mobility.

Let your freedom unfold

From a simple spin around the block for a breath of air, to those bucket-list destinations, unlock your ability to explore and to enjoy life!

It’s time to set free your personal mobility with innovative, portable, electric powered transportation from e-goes. We offer solutions that will widen your horizons.

Innovation in Mobility

Clever design for simple, quick folding

At e-goes, we source the best new generation powered wheelchairs with many innovative features. In one seamless action, they fold into a compact space that’s ideal for storing at home or in a car. Equipped with long-lasting batteries and powerful state-of-the-art motors, they will allow you to go where you want to go.

Powered Mobility – without the weight

Compact & powerful e-mobility that’s lightweight

Thanks to innovations in design, today’s motors and batteries have become increasingly more powerful, compact and lightweight. With their aluminium frames, folding powered chairs in the 20-30kg range, or lighter, can do many things that a “normal” powered wheelchair weighing 80-150 kg would do. The low weight and folding designs makes e-goes products easy to transport by car or plane.

Highly Manoeuvrable

You’re never in a tight spot

With a smart and compact design, e-goes chairs are a more convenient alternative to larger, bulky mobility scooters and heavy electric wheelchairs. Turning on their own axis, folding powered chairs allow you can easily navigate around in shops and crowded places. No need to worry about taking up too much space in restaurants or cafes and the lifting armrests bring you right up to the table.

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